Bulletin 26

BULLETIN 26 – December 2014

ITC_CYAs promised, here is more news on our spring fund-raising programme and on where we are as we continue our One Last Heave.

Sportsman’s Dinner 

Over 140 people sat down to an excellent evening on Friday 21 November. In fact, the consensus appears to be that it was even more enjoyable than the previous year. We might be seeing this event once again become a regular in the Club calendar as a counterpoint to the Club Dinner and Presentation of Awards in April.

Even better, the Dinner raised a further £2,500 for the Development.

Silent Auction

We also had an auction for tickets for some Glasgow Warriors games that had been donated by our kit supplier. The excellent news is that this raised £330 and so thanks to the successful bidder. We hope you enjoy the game!

As ever, the pigs…

We took in pigs at the St Andrews Day Coffee Morning and afterwards. We asked in the last 2020 Bulletin whether we would make £6,000 by the end of the year. The good news is that we have achieved that with our total now at £6,003!  

As we keep saying, who would have thought it?

One Last Heave Target Now Down to £17,558

All of this means that we have collected £12,442 so far this season which makes on our journey of reducing £30,000 to £0.00 this season we have reached £17,558. This is excellent progress, especially with our busy spring programme ahead.

We are always looking ahead to what we do next. The end of the year is also a time of reflection, and let us do that for a minute. All members should take considerable pride in the fact that we have collectively raised, so far, the total of £69,249. That is, by our own efforts, excluding funding applications. 

In a forthcoming article in the Black Bitch Community Magazine, Craig says, “Our members can be proud of what they have achieved.” Never was a truer word spoken.

Spring Programme

The Fund-Raising Group have drawn up plans for a spring programme of fund-raising activity. This will be as busy as the autumn of 2013 when we launched on this effort and the programme should see us over our target for the season.

As we said in the last 2020 Bulletin, if we exceed that target, it will help the Club replenish its reserves and carry on with the other work in progress refreshing the Club House itself.

The School Seniors are planning a Car Wash at the end of January or early February, just when you might want all the grit and dirt of winter cleaned off your car. More details of that will follow in the January Bulletin.

The lucky Minis and Micros are having the fun of a Race Night on Friday 27 February. The last time they did this, not only did they have a great time, they raised over £1,000 for the development. 

That will be just ahead of Pound Round The Pitch on Saturday 14 March, with members walking round the pitch to raise sponsorship money. More information and, importantly, sponsorship forms will ne distributed in mid-January.

Bags2Rugby is back! We have twice given you the opportunity to clear out old clothes and bedding and, while helping in this way, we have raised over £600. We shall be handing out bags again on 14 March and we shall be asking you to fill them and return them to the Club House by 20 April.

We hear that the S3s are likely to be organising a Treasure Hunt on Sunday 12 April.  Again more details will follow.

Kingsfield Golf Centre are again helping us to stage a Golf Day on Friday 1 May. Many thanks to Rob Arkley and his team. It costs £120 for a team of 4 to enter. In addition to the main competition, with excellent prizes, there will be contests for the longest putt and “hit the gong”. With a barbeque and bar as well, it promises to be an excellent day for the participants. Entry forms are in the Club House or visit the website for details. We have tons of golfers in the Club – let us make this a sell-out, just like the Gala Dinner, the Sportsman’s Dinner as well as the fund-raising-year-ending Hogmanay Party.

And there are more in the pipeline. The Group has at least three other possible events being considered and maybe one other grandstand activity. Like most of our fund-raising activity, as well as the fund-raising, we will try to bring some fun, some usefulness and maybe a smile as well (think of pigs!).