Bulletin 21

BULLETIN 21 – August 2014

2020 VisionWe said that the next Bulletin would be out in August as we limber up for the new season. Here it is with news of the current position and the way ahead.


If you have not been around Mains Park for a couple of months, then, as you come back to training and for Registration Weekend, you will see that the new training facility has come on leaps and bounds over summer. It is more than taking shape and it remains on schedule to be ready by the end of October.

Craig Young has made clear in his item in last week’s Update that we should all be proud of what we have achieved. But we still have some way to go, as we explain in this Bulletin.

Pigs etc

It has been quiet on the pigs’ front over summer, as we expected, but one or two have trotted in to take the total for the piggy banks to £5,110.

All those foreign coins we sent off realised £117 for the Development. As we said in the last Bulletin, the bottle is now empty and is sitting behind the bar for you to get rid of all those coins you won’t need again.

New Total

Our new internal fund-raising total is £56,971.

New Target – ONE LAST HEAVE!

This total is fantastic. Our own collective efforts have brought us to the point whereby we have identified the fund-raising target for the new season. This is £30,000.

We have raised £57,000 over the past eighteen months. If we can raise the target of £30,000 by the end of May 2015, then we will have bridged the gap to our tender price, without either eating too much into Club reserves or recourse to contingency.

Our target then is to reduce £30,000 to £0.00. We shall now report on how this figure reduces as it does. Every little will help!

External Fund-Raising

After setting this target, we have had an early boost to the task. When we told you, in the last Bulletin, the great news the Bill McLaren Foundation were sending us a cheque for £15,000 from the Gala Dinner, we also told you that they had also advised us to apply for a grant from them. We are now delighted to report that we were successful in our application and the Foundation have awarded us £5,000. What superb partners and supporters they have been!

Our 2014-15 starting target of £30,000 is now £25,000

We are waiting to hear about our application to Edinburgh Airport Community Board and we are preparing an application to Linlithgow and Bo’ness Rotary.

Registration Weekend

This year, the weekend, when we ask as many members as possible to come along to renew membership or join for the first time, will be over the weekend of 23/24 August. This really helps us bring the money into the bank and means you can clear up all the membership details to be sorted out.

Of course, there will also be opportunities for you also to continue the work of reducing that gap to zero and to take part in fund-raising. You might want to consider taking out a 2020 Club Membership – it will be the last chance to do so. You can help the Club’s general finances by, at least, upgrading to a family membership.

There will be a piggy round-up. Please bring along your pig and hand it in, not forgetting to collect a new one.

Cakes and recipe books will be on sale. Pick up an envelope to enable you to recycle your electronic devices at no cost to you but which will earn us some money.

During Registration Weekend, there will also be the August draw of the 100 Club. If you have not already joined to give yourself a chance of going into five draws a year to win money, then you really should think about it! Forms will be available at Registration Weekend to enter you into future draws.

Forthcoming Events

At Registration Weekend there will be details of our programme of fund-raising events to let you know in advance so that you can get them into your diary. In particular you will be able to buy tickets for the Wine Tasting on Friday 12 September and for the Sportsman’s Dinner on Friday 21 November.

Please come along to support these Fund-Raising Fridays.