Away Matches 6N 2018

Arrangements for Ordering Tickets for AWAY 6 Nations’ Matches

I now have details of tickets and more importantly prices for the 2018 Six Nations AWAY matches. This service is for CLUB MEMBERS so please be aware that, especially for the Ireland game, tickets will be allocated to members in the first instance. I would ask for your cooperation in this matter.

Also you will notice that prices and availability have changed from two years ago.

Wales Match

In particular the only tickets the SRU have been allocated for Wales are £80. Two years ago the prices were £65 and £45 !!

Italy Match

For Italy the lowest price is now £28. Two years ago it was £19. However the highest price available is only £55. Two years ago it was £64!!

Ireland Match

Ireland lowest price is now £51 compared to £30 two years ago. C’est La Vie!

Order Forms

These can be downloaded from the links below.

Away Application form Ireland 2018

Away Application form Italy 2018

Away Application form Wales 2018

Please complete and return ASAP and by 21st October latest.


Paul Birrell

LRFC Ticket Secretary