2s v Queensferry (Sep 17)

Young Reds Keep Up Their Winning Ways

Linlithgow 2nd XV  29 – 17  Queensferry 1st XV

Saturday 16 September 2017

Stu Young in action

This was a friendly fixture and the first time the Reds had played Queensferry Rugby Club with their Second team. The game started briskly with Kieran Cochrane, Drew Sommerville and Stu Young featuring strongly and carrying the ball. This allowed James Timlin at stand off to spread the ball around the park and from clean ruck ball a clever cross kick ball down the park, chased by Cammy Walker, the Reds 2s ended up with a line-out on Queensferry’s five yard line. Lauchlan MacCall threw an accurate ball which was caught by Drew Sommerville and from the resultant drive over the line Stu Young grounded for a score. Stu is making a pleasant habit of scoring tries from this kind of situation and is challenging others to take on his mantle of scoring in every game.

The conversion from the touchline was added by Jeff Martin, 7-0 to the Reds.

Captain Jeff makes a break

However Drew Sommerville, who had received a dead leg, had to be substituted and this disrupted the team. Queensferry decided that they should play to their strengths, which was bash round the side of the ruck with their heavy forwards and take advantage of their standoff’s boot which was fairly accurate and had distance. This resulted in the Reds losing their shape and ground too easily with some half hearted tackles and needless penalties. This played into the Queensferry team’s hands and resulted in three tries, one which was converted. The score was now 7-17 to Queensferry and the young Reds were needing to reflect and regroup on their play or a large score could possibly occur. The Captain Jeff Martin gave a few words of advice and encouraged all to keep working on the patterns and keep up the effort.

The half time whistle blew and the Manager made some changes from the bench, with Stevie Grant and Husan Gurham Ilter coming on in the front row and Sam McAllister on the wing.

Cammy Walker scores

The second half started brightly with the young team making every effort to keep the ball away from the Queensferry players and some slick handling across the backs with James Timlin, Jeff Martin, Aidan Rennison and Ross Tulloch all asking questions of the opposition. From one such move Cammy Walker scored, converted by Martin. The score was now 14-17 and the Reds were now clear as to their game plan and carried it out much better. Keep the ball moving quickly through the backs who were all capable of scoring.

A good move though the centre, carried towards the wing, resulted in the ball passing from Ross Tulloch to Cal Thomson and Rory McAdam slid over for a try. The score was now 19-17 and the Reds 2s were back in front which gave them the impetus and belief that they could score again.

Steven Grant scores a try

From broken play, James Timlin chipped ahead, Cammy Walker chased and used his football skills to gain a lot of ground and Stevie Grant, who just happened to be retreating from the last play, joined in to touch down. The try was converted 26-17 to the Reds. Play resumed with the Reds attacking again and from a resultant penalty Jeff Martin converted to leave the final score Linlithgow 2s 29 – 17 Queensferry 1st XV 17.

A good win against a bigger team, showing spirit and not a little skill in the process.

Match photos courtesy of Michael Nesbitt