P6s at Edin Accies (March 16)

P6 Report from Edinburgh Accies Tournament

Sunday 06 March 2016

Our first tournament of the new year saw us at Accies grounds on Mothering Sunday to play against some of the best squads in the East of Scotland.  Bearing in mind that we’ve beaten each of these teams, other than Kinross, convincingly in the past year we went in with high hopes of giving the opposition a tough time.

After a wait of some 40 minutes to play our first match, we faced up against North Berwick.  We were 2 tries down before the boys seemed to wake up, scoring a nice try before half time to go in 2-1 down.  In the second half we levelled the match, before giving away a soft try to go behind again.  Some really determined play and some lovely breaks saw us level up again and with 1 minute to go it looked like ending in a draw.  However, with the clock almost up what appeared to be a ripped ball in contact gave North Berwick possession 5 metres out from our line and they bundled over to take the game 4-3.  A disappointing return for all the effort expended, but some gritty determination from a core of the boys dragged us back into the game.

We now had to win the next 2 games in our pool to have a chance of progressing.  Facing a Currie side who had 2 or 3 strong ball carriers, tackling was critical in this match, however, by standing off the opposition and failing to tackle when the opportunity arose, we flattered Currie who ran out winners by 5 tries.  That’s not a reflection of our respective squads’ abilities, but very much a reflection of the level of determination throughout each team.

It pains me to continue writing, but it was more of the same in the game against Heriots.  Simple handling errors compounded a lack of aggression in possession, and we flattered the opposition again, losing by 3 tries.

“Ground-Hog Day Alert” – In summary, sadly, our attacking play wasn’t matched by the same enthusiasm in defence and hard earned tries and robustly won possession for the Wee Reds were squandered too often for the want of a completed tackle and the Wee Reds went home early having lost all three matches.

There are some real positives in the squad just now, with some great individual performances amongst the players and a determination to win.  However, that determination needs to be shared by all players and by failing to do some of the basic things consistently the team don’t get their just rewards.  In training this week, we’ll be focussing on those things we failed to do consistently on Sunday :

Moving forward in attack AND DEFENCE
CHOOSING to make the tackle
SIMPLE handling skills in contact

Coach Alan