2s v Watsonian 3s (Sep21)

Fine Home Win for 2s

Linlithgow 2s  31 – 12  Watsonian 3s

Saturday 18 September 2021

Match report by Des Martin

This was the first home game for Linlithgow 2s since the pandemic and many changes have taken place during that time. Players have become used to not playing on Saturdays, indeed for a season and a half no competitive rugby was played and this had resulted in many new faces in the line up which was fortunately bolstered by some returning stalwarts from previous seasons.

The Manager and Coaches were delighted that we had managed to get together a team to play Watsonians, as the previous week we had failed to fulfil our fixture due to injuries and unavailability. The Manager knew that it would take some time for the group of players to blend together as many unknown abilities were being asked to perform as a team.

And so it proved, the first half was a very disjointed affair with some good individual performances from the new and old performers. The seasoned players such as Andrew Archer, Muzz Murray, Cammy Walker, Colin Devlin and Stevie Grant were all doing the things we would expect from them but, unfortunately, the plays often broke down with an infringement or mistake which prevented the score. Some of the newer players were also performing individually well and showing potential for the future. New and first time senior players Andrew Graham, Michael Thomson, Ewan Mitchell, John McNair and Aidan Wan all showed individual glimpses of their potential but the first half hour passed with many stops and starts and no scores on the board for either side.

Eventually the break through came from a line-out where the lose ball was picked up by Dev after a knock down, the scrum half Alistair Reynolds passed to Russell Murdoch at stand off, Andrew Archer acted as the pivot in midfield and Muzz Murray cutting a good line as he can scored below the posts, converted by Murdoch,  7-0 to the Reds.

The game continued to burst into life, occasionally, with some good work from Cammy Walker and Euan McIntyre where they made good covering tackles and prevented Watsonians scoring but generally it was a game of stops and starts. From a pick up at no 8 by Euan Mitchell he passed to Cammy Walker and then the ball went to Andrew Archer who scored the second try for the Reds (12 0 with half time approaching).

After half time Euan Mitchell, who now realised he could outrun most of the other team, made a good break from loose play and Euan McIntyre was most alert and in support to score below the posts, converted by Russell Murdoch  (17-0 to the Reds).

Cammy Walker always dangerous from broken play scored a try from a loose kick after running through most of the Watsonians team which took the score to 24-0 to the Reds. There were enforced changes to the team as Russell Murdoch had to go off with an injured shoulder and was replaced by Ewan Edwards. Thomas Cole had to depart with a knee injury and was replaced by Matty Sommerville. The team had to be rejigged to accommodate injuries and substitutions which disrupted any patterns that would have developed and in this time Euan Mitchell scored a good individual try picking up at no 8 and running from the 22 to score. This was converted by Cammy Walker to take the final score to 31-12 to the Reds.

Not a bad first outing considering the injuries and lack of match practice. Hopefully we will get a good side for the game away to Edinburgh Academy next week.