2s at Watsonian 3s (Sept 15)

Watsonians Too Hot to Handle!

Watsonian 3s  67 – 7  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 12 September 2015

The seconds took the field with a young team and a couple of older heads on the touch line in case of emergencies. It was not long before the very skilful Watsonian team showed their intent – ‘Spin the ball wide and stretch Linlithgow’ and then attack the wings where our wingers had too often try and stop two or more Watsonian players.  Inevitably this was an impossible task and the Watsonians team scored a number of tries without reply.

Chris Ronalson had to come off with a pulled hamstring, followed by Gary Laing twisted knee, Conall Black, knock on  the head, followed by James Timlin who suffered a similar fate.  The team was left at the end with thirteen men on the park.  In the dying minutes Jeff Martin took a quick tap from a penalty and passed to Gus McNab who set the ball over the line for a try.  Martin converted to leave the score 67 for Watsonians 7 to Linlthgow.

This was a lesson in open free flowing play from a skill full Watsonian team, but the linlithgow team tried as hard as they could and learnt a few lessons in rugby.  This will help many of the young players in future weeks.


James Timlin; Rory McAdam, Graeme Birrell, Steven Grant, Sam McAllister; Chris Ronalson, David Martin; Euan Mochrie, Gary Laing, Scott Herdman; Conall Black, Drew Somerville; Duncan McClymot, Gus McNab, Neil Dori-muir

Subs:  Steven Sim, Keiran Faulds , Hugh Cochrane