2s at RHC (Jan18)

Reds Second String Make it 14 out of 14 with Another Fine Win

RHC 2s  0 – 70  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 06 January 2018

The game was away at Union Park Corstorphine and the Reds arrived in plenty of time for the 2pm KO. In fact the Reds were there before many of the home players and officials!

When the Home players did arrive they all got changed and then went through an unusual routine where the home team all walk and scan the playing surface for any unwanted deposits or other dangerous objects. This amused many of the young Linlithgow players unused to being asked to do such tasks at LRFC.  How lucky they are!!!!!!

RHC seemed to have a good number of players and Stevie Campbell the Manager did not seem unduly worried as the last result had not gone RHCs way. The Reds Manager was cautious however and remained pessimistic as he usually does until the team shows how it will perform. This is often created by the fact that key changes are made to the line-up due to unavailability or call offs at the last minute.

The Reds started well down the slope and Ally Walker in the centre combined well with Stu Young and PJ Singleton in the back row to gain good ground. The Reds were throwing the ball about well and Kevin Wilson was doing what was asked in keeping the ball in the RHC 22. However play was often disrupted by simple errors allowing RHC off the hook. Eventually after 15 mins of pressure when Kevin Wilson slotted the ball nicely into the opposition corner, Colin Devlin threw a nice ball to Connall Black and the Reds drove forward with Stu Young in control with the ball at the back. The maul disintegrated and Stu Young dived over to score. The conversion was missed. 5-0 to the Reds.

RHC retaliated and put pressure on the Reds with a successful long kick up the park, this was well chased by the opposition but Kevin Wilson corner flagged and retrieved the ball which he gave to the supporting Mayo Herdman. Mayo side stepped a couple of players and brought the ball to the edge of his own 22. Luckily PJ Singleton was in support and showing an amazing burst of speed and stamina he ran the 70 metres to the line to score. The conversion was missed but the score was 10-0 to the Reds.

The Reds maintained the more positive side and although making mistakes managed to work their way down the park. After a succession of good rucks where the ball was presented cleanly, Robbie Thomson made a short accurate pass to prop Adam Scott coming at speed on the angle and he walked over to score. 15-0 to the Reds

Robbie Thomson was involved in the next score again as he chipped a nice ball down the park, this was chased by Mayo Herdman, Guy Sutherland and Robbie. Mayo Herdman came up with the ball and scored, 20-0 and a try bonus point before half-time to the Reds.

The next try involved a good move by all of the back line. Guy Sutherland looped and supported the rest of the backs to pop the ball to Ally Walker who scored his first try of the day.  Jeff Martin converted this try and the score was 27-0 at half time for the Reds.

James Timlin came on at half time and took over the stand off role as Kevin Wilson went off with a twisted ankle. Before long he was using his deceptive skills and running to create space. After a loose ball from Kenny McKenzie the ball was picked up and went through all the backs to Aidan Rennison who scored. Jeff Martin converted and the score was 34-0 to the Reds.

The tries were coming much quicker now and before long Mayo Herdman scored another try, 41 0 then Ally Walker, always a threat, claimed his second of the day. This was converted by Jeff Martin to make it 48-0 for the Reds. Martin, himself, then got on the try score sheet to make the score 53-0 to the Reds.

RHC were now on their knees as the young team from Linlithgow, all keen to add to the score, were dragging RHC  around the park with strong runners coming at them in all directions. Unfortunately Colin Devlin from the Reds had a different experience as he got a badly gashed knee from a sharp object on the playing surface which finished his game with a trip to A and E. Fortunately no serious damage was done, but the joys of playing on a public park were well illustrated.

Before long additional tries were added by Guy Sutherland, Aidan Rennison, with his second of the day, before Jeff Martin claimed his second try to leave the final score 70 points to 0 for Linlithgow Seconds.

Another good week for the Seconds and their ambition to gain promotion to a more competitive league next season. Next week promises to be an interesting game, as the league leading 2s travel to second placed Forrester.

Des Martin