2s at RHC (Jan 17)

RHC Too Strong for Reds 2s

RHC Cougars 2s  50 – 0  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 21 January 2017

RHC 2nds have been unbeaten since the Reds 2s had sneaked a victory at home against them at the beginning of the season. They were sitting at the top of the league after a series of good wins. The Reds’ Manager and some of the players were aware that this would be no easy game as RHC would be looking for revenge.

The Reds 2s team, which had reasonable strength despite the usual call offs and last minute promotions to the firsts, started well with Euan Conlon at scrum half and Jeff Martin at stand off linking well. The forwards although under pressure were winning the majority of the ruck ball (commented on by their manager afterwards) but the efforts often ended in vain. The RHC team had a few very robust and strong runners who targeted the half backs and midfield. Generally first up tackles were stopping the man eventually but the support player from RHC would inevitably receive the ball.

At half time the score was 22-0 to the home team but the Reds were turning to play down hill and with the sun. Injuries to Colin McMorrin and Connall Black, our two second rows, left the 2s under powered in the second half.

RHC continued to intimidate by their presence and support running off the shoulder well which resulted in a few more tries for the home side. The final score was debated but was in the region of 50 points to 0 which seems a harsh result.

When put in the context of how points can be accumulated in rugby, with 7 points for a converted try, scores can mount up easily against a well drilled side. For example a professional team like Leicester were soundly beaten 43 points to 0 by Glasgow in the European Champions Cup later in the day.

That said the Manager was pleased with certain players who have performed consistently well every week had stuck to their task regardless – Cammy Murrie, Gus McNab, Stu Gordon, Lachan McCall to name a few – and was especially pleased with the debut for the Senior Team of Lyle Martin an 18 year old Prop/Hooker who showed potential for the future.

RHC are at the top of this league for good reason as they are a very good side. The Reds 2s should regroup and hopefully perform better next week.

Des Martin