2s at Preston Lodge (Nov 16)

Reds 2s Strong Showing in East Lothian

Preston Lodge  38 – 26  Linlithgow

It had been a challenge this week to get a team of fifteen players to play at Prestonpans. Some weeks when at home it is difficult to give all the enthusiastic bodies an opportunity. That was not the case this week and I was thankful that the Club Sponsor and ‘father and son pair’ of Steve and Drew Mathews agreed to share half a game each after work to make up the 15.

The Preston Lodge team started sharply and ran in two tries as everyone was getting used to their team mates. However the Reds 2s started to string together passes with Aaron Flucker and Cammy Walker looking sharp in midfield. Good ground was made assisted by some wayward play by the home side getting on the wrong side of the referee. From one such transgression on the Reds 10 yard line Jeff Martin tapped a penalty ran around the defence handing off a couple of players and showing a sharp turn of speed to score. Cammy Walker converted.

Belief came back in the team and the Reds with Cammy Walker showing his human bowling ball mentality to run over round and through half the team on many occasions. From one such attack Aaron Flucker showed a nice step and pace to score between the posts.  Unfortunately playing into a very strong wind it was difficult to maintain pressure and poor tackling and kicking let PL in again.

The score was 19 to 12 when the backs and forwards created a good move finished by Jeff Martin who chipped the fullback and controlled the ball well to touch down. The score now was now 19-19 and half time was near with the opportunity to play with the wind in the second half, but a kick off was lost forward and PL scored on the last play of the half.

26-19 to PL at half time

The Manager had words with the team encouraging them and assuring them if they kept the ball in PLs half using the wind in the second session a victory was possible.

However, although this was a sound strategic suggestion, carrying out this instruction seemed to be more difficult. As the game went on both sides made
mistakes and PL scored two more tries. With the game into the last five minutes James Timlin showed how it should have been done for all of the second half by chipping the defence and Cammy Walker pounced to score a final try which he converted.

Final score was 38-26 against but considering the Reds had sixteen men, one of whom had not played rugby for 14 years the coach was proud of the team. Good efforts from Bradley Lewis at hooker, the Chess Master at prop, Gus McNab at no 8 and mention must also go to Guy Sutherland in his first rugby game were he played well.