2s at Forrester (Feb16)

Squeezed Out!  Tight Pitch and Miserable Weather Does for Reds 2s

Forrester 2s  20 – 3  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 20 February 2016

Linlithgow 2s departed for the game knowing that Forrester Firsts were at home, so they would be playing at the school pitch at Craigmount HS with no changing facilities.  Some of the team decided to change at Linlithgow, so by the time they found the pitch, then huddled in cars from sleet showers before the brisk warm up, they were not maybe as well prepared as we should have been at kick off!

However playing with the wind on a narrow pitch the Reds 2s pressurised Forrester well, but found it hard to make any headway against a very compact defence. John Strachan was attempting with Chris Ronalson to breach the tight Forrester line. Unfortunately most attacks where ground was made ended with either a turnover for the opposition or a penalty against Linlithgow for an infringement.

At the end the end of the first half the score was 3 points each as the Linlithgow side had not taken advantage of the wind and slope.

The coach changed the front row bringing the sixteen stone Ali Walker from the wing to loose head prop.  This allowed a more compact and competitive pack, especially with the introduction of Sean Hagarty and Conall Black in the second row.  The team now were competing well but inevitably a mistake would be made or an infringement conceded and all the good work would be wasted. The Forrester stand off punished all these mistakes so the opposition ran out 20 points to 3 winners.

This was not a classic match and was influenced by a number of factors such as layoffs for internationals, miserable weather and a very narrow pitch (55m instead of 70m) to name but a few.  However the young lads will have to learn to shrug these issues off and get on with the game.

Next week’s a new game and the team will improve if the players remember the lessons learnt.

Footnote:  Best Wishes to the Dori-Muir family in the wars at the weekend.  As Neil says “Great weekend in our house. Two trips to A&E. One for me as my collar bone has moved about an inch off my shoulder joint playing rugby for the Reds 2s.  One for Cameron on a day out yesterday with old school friend.  Fell on his way home and has broken a bone in his ankle. What a pair we make!”