2s at Edinburgh Northern

Reds 2s Lose Out to Strong Northern Side

Edinburgh Northern  10 – 3  Linlithgow 2s

Saturday 31 October 2015

The Reds’ 2s  departed for Inverleith Park the home of Edinburgh Northern with a good team on the sheet and high expectations.  The manager began to have misgivings however when it neared kick off and four players were still missing due to navigational issues in finding Edinburgh Northern’s clubhouse bunker.

The referee and opposition were keen to KO as the rugby World Cup final was due to be played at four o’clock so the team was rearranged and Steven Grant and Drew Somerville appeared and went straight on as the referee blew the whistle.

The Linlithgow team had the best of the play in the first half but it looked as if everyone had disconnected their rugby brain when important decisions were to be made and the first half ended in a 0-0 draw with no scores of any sort.  It was depressing to watch and the manager emphasised this at half time to the squad who all agreed they could do much better.

The second half started and again Linlithgow were pressing well and were awarded with a couple of penalties, one which was converted by Chris Ronalson (3-0 to Linlithgow). Alas this encouraged Northern who scored a try to make the score 5-3 .

Eventually the Walkers arrived having toured most of Edinburgh having followed the published post code and address.  This encouraged the Reds as Cammy Walker added a bit of spice to the play and the team pushed forward.   Unfortunately the Reds could not take advantage and Northern scored again. (10-3 to home team) .

The game came to an end with no more scores and most on the pitch (it seemed to observers) wanting to watch the World Cup final instead.

That said this was Edinburgh Northerns only team on Saturday which meant it was a strong side and the manager has it put it down to one of those bad days at the office which I am sure will not occur again.

Linlithgow 2s:

 James Timlin, Cammy Walker, Ally Walker, Russell Murdoch, Chris Ronaldson, Robbie Thomson, Hugh Cochrane, Ally McLean, Steven Grant, David Syme, Duncan McClymont, Drew Sommerville, Fraser Mochrie, Keiron Faulds, Ally Dunlop, Andy Swanson, Neil Dori Muir, C McMorrin, Mark Caddle.