2s at Dunfermline (Oct 16)

Dunfermline Too Strong for Reds 2s

Saturday 22 October 2016

Linlithgow seconds departed for Dunfermline grateful that Gus McNab had agreed to cut short his golf game to play for the team. Traffic across the bridge was busy and the majority of the team arrived with ten minutes to spare.  Not really the best preparation against one of the better teams in the league but the Reds started enthusiastically on a perfect day for rugby.

The new half back pairing of Euan Conlon and Robbie Thompson were linking well but finding the large Dunfermline half backs a handful never mind twice their combined weights. It was not long before the opposition started to score and ran in a couple of tries.

The forwards with the Chess Master, Stu Young, and Ali McClean were holding the opposition front row well but gradually the older more experienced forwards from Dunfermline started to wear down all of the Linlithgow pack. The scores kept adding up for Dunfermline and the only score for the Reds in the first half was a swan dive by Gary Laing on a loose ball that a couple of opposition players stood watching.  The score at half time was 25-5 to Dunfermline and all was not lost according to the Manager pep talk.

After the half time break Drew Sommerville and Duncan McClymont started to put in a few good tackles and Duncan made a very good break but support fizzled out.

The Walkers were crashing up a few balls in the centre and from one good attack Cammy Walker strolled over. Robbie Thompson converted to give the Reds 12 points. Unfortunately the Dunfermline team kept adding scores to finish comfortable winners. A hard day at the office for all but hopefully some lessons learnt for another day.