2016 Prediction Card Winners

RBS 6 Nations’ Prediction Card Competition

Over 30 Winners This Year!

This year’s competition has resulted in there being 32 winners.  No one predicted every result correctly, but 30 people predicted all but one result correctly.  Here are the names:

Bill Beaumont (Linlithgow)
J Clarkson (West Calder)
Graham Bull (c/o Bob Dow)
Jim Henderson (c/o Bob Dow)
Andy Young (c/o Martin Archer)
Peter Keys (c/o Euan Richardson)
Bjorn Ollson (c/o Euan Richardson)
Jack Gallacher (Kildimmery)
Andy Prowse (c/o Steven Grant)
Barbara Cawood (c/o Steven Grant)
Robert Wakefield (Linlithgow)
Doug Halley (Edinburgh)
Norval Edwardson (Edinburgh)
Mr G Young (88 Barons Hill Avenue)
Ted Thomas (Philip Avenue)
Tom McNeil
Ian Pauley
Kenny Ambrose (c/o Gary Shepherd)
Malcolm McGregor (Edinburgh ?)
Andrew Trodden (c/o Mark Bonnar)
Peter Buck (Deanburn Road)
Chris Welsh (c/o Scott Watson)
Helen Langthorne (c/o Matt Dixon)
Alfie McCue (c/o Anchor Tavern)
J Davies (c/o S Walker)
Ian Coyne (c/o Jane Brown)
David Wilyman (c/o Gavin Brown)
Hugh Mackie (c/o Lyle Martin)
John Overington (c/o John Connolly)
Graham Brown (c/o Jonathan Gordon)
Ben Woods (c/o Billy Edment)
James Woods (c/o Billy Edment)

It’s always possible that someone may have been omitted by accident.  If you think that this is the case, contact Craig Young as soon as possible.