100 Club Bank Change

100 Club – Change in Banking Arrangements

We need to move the 100 Club bank account over the next few weeks as the Airdrie Savings Bank is to cease trading at the end of April.

Since its inception a few years ago, the 100 Club bank account has been with the Airdrie Savings Bank. Sadly, the bank announced a few weeks ago that it was closing and that clients would need to make other provision. As a result, we will be moving the 100 Club accounts over to our main bankers, Royal Bank of Scotland. The Bank cannot transfer standing orders automatically, so we are asking 100 Club members to change their standing order arrangements as soon as possible. The Airdrie Savings Bank will stop trading with effect from Friday 28 April.

The 100 Club is one of the Club’s most successful fundraising ventures. In fact over the last four years, the 100 Club has contributed over £16,000 to the Club, with a further £16,000 paid out in prizes. We still have a few spaces left in the 100 Club. You can join by contacting 100club@lrfc.club


Bank:  Royal Bank of Scotland

Account Name:  Linlithgow Rugby Club

Account Number:  00667109

Sort Code:  832425

Reference:  “100” followed by “your name”

(For information, the old account details are – Airdrie Savings Bank, account no. 50130961, sort code 80-36-08)